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Mechanical Force Gauges

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Models: LG-002, LG-080, LG-005, LG-010, LG-020, LG-030, LG-050, LG-075, LG-...
  • Accuracy: .5% FS
Regular price $901.50 Sale
Models: DG-200, DG-300, DG-400, DG-500, DG-1000N, DG-2000N, DG-100KG, DG-250KG
  • Accuracy: .5% FS
$975.00 to $994.00 Sale
Models: JL-005, JL-010, JL-050, JL-100
JLW Instruments
  • Capacities ranging from 5 lbF to 100 lbF
  • 1% of FS Accuracy
Regular price $235.00