Clinical vs. Practical Methodologies & The Role of KINVENT Digital Measurement Devices

Fill out the form on the right to view the recorded webinar featuring orthopedic and sports physical therapist Dr. Leon Knight discussing his view on the decision-making process surrounding return to sport after an ACL injury.

Dr. Knight discusses the differences between clinical care and practical care, and delves deeper into the way he tests and treats this injury in his own way.

Specifically, the webinar covers:

  • Clinical phases of return to sport for an ACL injury
  • Practical phases of return to sport for an ACL injury
  • Reasons behind the use of clinical vs. practical benchmarks
  • Testing/assessment completed in order to return to sport
  • The role of KINVENT K-Deltas Force Plates and the K-Pull Dynamometer in the rehabilitation process

“The K-Deltas Force plates by KINVENT have really
helped me the get objective data I need to see for where their weight is
distributed and if they’re symmetrical to determine if they’ve passed the
tolerance phase and can move onto the next."

- Dr. Knight

About Dr. Leon Knight

Dr. Knight is the owner of The Performance Doc Rehab & Sports Therapy Center in Charlotte, NC. He is an orthopedic and sports physical therapist who works with high school, collegiate and professional athletes. Dr. Knight specializes in sport specific rehab and performance training and describes his approach as practical and performance-based.

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