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COF62 Coefficient of Friction (COF) Fixture

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Model: COF62-270

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This COF fixture is used for testing friction on sheet, film and paper products. Used to test static and kinetic coefficient of friction to ASTM D1894 and ISO 8295:2004 standards.

The fixture consists of a 200 g sled, horizontal table with low friction pulley, wire and clamp.

The wire attaches to the sled and  is pulled using a low force load cell with a pulley to guide the wire during the test.


  • Connection: 5/8" female eye end [15.9 mm]
  • Clamp to hold material in place


Model Table Length
COF62-270 COF Fixture, 270 mm
COF62-470 COF Fixture, 470 mm

Included Items

  • Horizontal table with 5/8" female eye end and specimen clamp
  • Upper fixture used to pull the wire and sled
  • 200 g sled
  • Wire
  • Wire ends

Dimensions [mm]


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