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ES10 and ES20, 100 lbF Manual Force Test Stand

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Model: ES10

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The ES10 and ES20 manual test stands are compact and economical solutions for compression and tensile testing of small samples.

Choose between a lever (ES10) for quick-action testing or a hand wheel (ES20) for more precise testing with greater consistency in testing results.

Optional dial and digital indicator kits display up to 1" (25 mm) of displacement. Use these stands with force gauges and grips to create complete and economical testing systems.

  • Compatible with all Mark-10 force gauges, accessories and grips
  • Mounting holes for bench mounting
  • Large base plate with 5 #10-32 UNF holes for fixture mounting
  • Competitor force gauge mounting kits available
  • 3 Year Warranty




Maximum Force 100 lbF [500 N]
Maximum Travel 9" [229 mm]
Loading Method Lever Hand wheel
Travel Rate 1.050" [26.7 mm] / lever rev. 0.083" [2.1 mm] / wheel rev.
Weight 10 lb [4.5 kg]


*Because load cell deflection and system deflection are present and not automatically compensated for, this equipment is recommended for applications requiring at least 0.2 in [5 mm] of travel distance.


ES10 Included Items
ES10 Included Items
  • Allen wrench set 
  • Lever
  • Thumb screw for force gauge 
  • Resource CD
ES20 Included Items
ES20 Included Items
  • (1) ES20 Manual test stand
  • (1) Allen wrench set
  • (1) Hand wheel
  • (4) Thumb screw for force gauge
  • (1) Resource CD






    ES10 Dimensions



    Optional Accessories
    AC1060 Base Plate
    Includes a matrix of #10-32 threaded holes and 5/16-18 center hole, and 5/16-18M to #10-32F adapter.  
    ES001 Dial Indicator, Travel Display
    Displays up to 1" of displacement with resolution of 0.001".  Brackets for mounting to a Mark-10 ES10 or ES20 manual test stand is included.  
    ES002 Digital Indicator Travel Display
    Displays up to 1" / 25 mm of displacement with resolution of 0.0005" / 0.01 mm. Includes zero button and in/mm selector button. Brackets for mounting to a Mark-10 ES10 or ES20 manual test stand is included.  
    Mark-10 Force Gauges
    • Can be used as a handheld gauge or with  a manual or motorized test stand.
    • Measure tension and compression force
    • Capacities from 0.12 to 1,000 lbF (0.5 to 5,000 N)
    • Measure real time and peak forces
    Mark-10 Grips and Fixtures
    • Grips and fixtures for tension, compression and torque applications.
    • Wedge Grips, Compression Plates, Vice Grips, Wire Grips, Peel Fixtures...
    • Eye end adapters may be used with some gauges and sensors for quick-change convenience and compatibility with third party equipment.
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    Manual Test Stands
    • Mechanical test stands with capacities of 100 lbF to 1000 lbF.
    • Manual test stands can prevent inaccuracies from testing by hand. They are inexpensive compared to a motorized test stand. If your test requires controlled speed we recommend a motorized test stand.
    Motorized Test Stands
    • Test stands with capacities from 100 lbf [500 N] up to 10,000 lbf [50 kN]
    • Includes simple motorized test stands up to more advanced material test systems. We carry Mark-10, Chatillon and Lloyd Instruments.
    • Force and Torque Measurement Products
    • Designed and manufactured in New York. Products come with a 3 year warranty. Great selection of products for any budget.