ESM001 and ESM004, Digital Travel Display for ES30 Manual Test Stand

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Choose a model: ESM001 [6" travel]
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6" [150 mm] and 12" [300 mm] travel models available, 0.0005" [0.01 mm] resolution, 0.001" [0.03 mm] accuracy, SPC output for automated data collection.

For output of travel data to a PC, the following items are required: AC1105 cable and MU100 communication adapter. Note: continuous data output rate is limited to 2 Hz.

  • ESM001 Digital travel display, 6" x 0.0005 inches(150 mm x 0.01 mm)
  • ESM004 Digital travel display, 12" x 0.0005 inches (300 mm x 0.01 mm)

Continuous data output rate is limited to 2 Hz.

Because of load cell deflection and system deflection are present and not automatically compensated for, this equipment is recommended for applications requiring at least 0.2 in [5 mm] of travel distance.

Mounting hardware for mounting to ES30 manual test stand is included.

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