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G1003 Miniature Component Grip

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Model: G1003

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This slender grip is ideal for testing small and hard-to-reach parts, such as electronic and mechanical components. Use this grip with a force gauge and a test stand to create a complete testing system.


  • Capacity: 30 lbF [150 N]
  • Weight: 0.05 lb [0.02 kg]
  • Connection: #10-32F thread



0.5 in
[12.7 mm]
1.7 in
[43.2 mm]
0.5 in
[12.7 mm]
0 - 0.07 in
[0 - 1.8 mm]
0.15 in
[3.8 mm]


Optional Accessories
Swivel Adapter
G1018 Swivel Adapter when used with a force gauge and grip will swivel to adjust for proper sample alignment. This adapter is designed for tensile testing.  | Dimensions   | Documents Mark-10 Grips Catalog
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