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Eccentric Roller Grip High Capacity

Eccentric Roller Grips

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This rugged grip features a serrated cam, for effectively securing wires, plastics, textiles, and other materials in pull testing applications.

Includes an integrated eye end, and requires an eye end adapter to mount to Mark-10 force gauges, load cells, and test stands.

| Specifications

  • Roller Surface: Pyramid [Serrated], 50 mm diameter, steel, nickel-plated
  • Body: Steel
  • Backstop: Flat, Steel
  • Clamping Width: 60 mm [2.4 inches]
  • Sample Thickness: 0-8 mm [.275 inches]
  • Connection: 5/8" [15.9 mm] Integrated Eye End
  • Load Capacity: 10 kN [2000 lbf]
  • Weight: 3.37 kg [7.43 lbs] each grip
  • Sold as 1 grip