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AC1046 Series Eye End Socket for Grips/Fixtures


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AC1046 Series eye end socket adapter kits convert threaded connections on grips and fixtures to and eye end connection. mount to force gauge threaded connections. They have 5/8" [15.8 mm] diameter which is commonly used with test frames, load cells, grips, and force gauges.

Eye end adapters provide a commonly accepted industry method of attaching grips and fixtures to load cells and test frames. They prevent grip rotation and allow for quick removal and installation. Eye end 


Model No.

Eye End [Fitting] Load Capacity Weight
mm in kN lbF kg lbs
AC1046 #10-32M 15.9 5/8" 1 200 0.15 0.33
5/16-18M 15.9 5/8" 2.5 500 0.15 0.33
1/2-20M 15.9 5/8" 10 2,000 0.16 0.35


Included Items

Model No. Eye End Locking Ring
AC1046 G1083
AC1046-1 G1083-1
AC1046-2 G1083-2

    Eye End Dimensions


    Eye End No.
    Eye End [Fitting] A
    mm in mm in
    G1083 #10-32M 15.9 5/8" 53.3 2.10
    G1083-1 5/16-18M 15.9 5/8" 54.9 2.16
    G1083-2 1/2-20M 15.9 5/8" 58.4 2.30


    G1079 Locking Ring Dimensions

    G1079 Dimensions


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