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AC1078 Adjustable Angle Pulley Adapter

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Model: AC1078

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The AC1078 Adjustable Angle Pulley Adapter is designed to be used with the G1109 Peel Test Fixture

This adapter uses an adjustable pulley to set the angle of pull, from 0° to 90°, while the working table remains horizontal. The horizontal orientation is suited for seal testing of filled containers, and can also be used for tapes and other materials.

Features and Specifications

  • Adjustable angle adapter with pulley, 0° to 90°, while preserving horizontal table orientation (max. force: 30 lbF [150 N])

AC1078 included Items

  • G1078 Miniature Bollard grip
  • Cable
  • #10-32m Attachment for peel grip
 AC1078 Adjustable Angle Pulley Adapter

G1109 + AC1078 Dimensions in[mm]

    AC1078 Dimensions


    G1109 + AC1079 Dimensions in[mm]





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