Mark-10 EasyMESUR Optional Functions; F755-EM & F1505-EM

Mark-10 SKU: EMF001-2

Options: EMF001-2 Distance Measurement
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Optional functions for Mark-10 F1505-EM and F755-EM motorized test frames.

  • Any of the below functions may be purchased at time of order or may be enabled in the field at a later date through a code activation process.
  • A complete options package (EMP-COMP-2) is also available, including all of the below features at a discounted price.
  • The test frames are shipped in Evaluation Mode, during which time all available functions are temporarily enabled for 160 hours of operation.
Optional Functions-Individual
Individual Functions
Function Part No. Description Co-requirements
Distance Measurement EMF001-2 Measure distance, with the ability to zero the reading. -
Distance Limits EMF002-2 Stop at user-defined upper and lower distance limits. - Distance Measurement (EMF001-2)
Preload EMF003-2 Zero the travel position automatically at a user-defined preload value. - Distance Measurement (EMF001-2)
High Speed Extension EMF004-2 Extend the high end of the speed range, dependent upon test frame model. -
Low Speed Extension EMF005-2 Extend the low end of the speed range, dependent upon test frame model. -
Cycling EMF006-2 Set up to 100,000 cycles, with user-defined upper and lower dwell times. Cycle between any combination of limit switches, travel limits, breaks, and load limits. - If cycling to distance limits, add Distance Measurement (EMF001-2) and Distance Limits (EMF002-2)
- If cycling to a break point, add Break Detection (EMF007-2)
Break Detection EMF007-2 Stop when a user-defined drop in force occurs. -
Load Holding EMF008-2 Stop at, and maintain, a user-defined load for a specified period of time. -
FollowMe® EMF009-2 Push and pull on the sensor’s loading shaft to jog the crosshead up and down, ideal for manual positioning prior to a test. Speed increases with applied force. -
Graphing & Reporting EMF010-2 Graph load vs. time or distance, view statistics, and generate a report, including graph, results, run data, and other information. - If graphing load vs. distance, add Distance Measurement (EMF001-2)
PC Control EMF011-2 Control the test frame with your own application using via your own application with a library of motion control and data collection serial commands. While PC control is active, the control panel becomes a pendant, limited to basic, manual controls. - AC1107 cable, test frame to PC
Coefficient of Friction Measurement EMF012-2 Measure static and dynamic coefficients of friction, with user-defined sled weight. -G1086 Coefficient of Friction Fixture
Spring Rate Measurement EMF013-2 Measure spring rate, with user-defined start and stop data collection triggers. -Distance Measurement (EMF001-2)
Suggested functions:
-Distance Limits (EMF002-2)
-Preload (EMF003-2)

Optional Function - Packages
Package Part No. Includes
Distance Measurement EMP001-2 Distance Measurement (EMF001-2)
Distance Limits (EMF002-2)
Preload (EMF003-2)
Speed Extension EMP002-2 High Speed Extension (EMF004-2)
Low Speed Extension (EMF005-2)
Advanced Functionality EMP003-2 Cycling (EMF006-2)
Break Detection (EMF007-2)
Load Holding (EMF008-2)
FollowMe® (EMF009-2)
Complete Options EMP-COMP-2 All functions

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