AC1125 Emergency Switch Connector for Mark-10 Test Stands

Mark-10 SKU: AC1125-1

Model: AC1125-1 When purchasing new test stands
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When ordering a Mark-10 AC1092 safety shield with a new test frame, the AC1125-1 emergency switch connector is required. For an existing test frame, verify if this connector is present. If not, it can be installed in the field with kit AC1125-2, or retrofitted at our factory.

Model Description
AC1125-1 Emergency switch connector, factory installation or retrofit, for F105 / F305 / F505 / F755(S) / F1505(S) frames (required when purchasing a new test frame/test stand)
AC1125-2 Emergency switch connector kit, customer installation in existing F105 / F305 / F505 / F755(S) / F1505(S) frames (required for an existing test frame/test stand)

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