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STS Series Torque Sensors


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The CHATILLON® STS Series torque sensors are full-bridge strain gauge sensors complete with 15-pin plug.  These sensors are used  exclusively with the Chatillon DFS II-R-ND Series digital indicator.   The sensor’s torque values and sensitivity factors are stored in memory within the sensor plug.  When connected to a DFS II-R-ND indicator, the capacity and calibration points are automatically recognized by the instrument.  The instrument then becomes a full-featured torque measurement instrument.
  • Accuracy: ±0.3% of full scale
  • Safe Overload: 150% full scale
  • Includes NIST Calibration with Data

Models Available

Capacity x Resolution
oz-in lbF-in kg-cm N-cm N-m
STS-0003 50 x 0.005 3 x 0.0005 3.5 x 0.005 35 x 0.005 0.35 x 0.0001
STS-0012 192 x 0.02 12 x 0.002 12.5 x 0.002 125 x 0.02 1.25 x 0.0002
STS-0050 800 x 0.1 50 x 0.005 50 x 0.005 500 x 0.05 5 x 0.0005
STS-0100 - 100 x 0.01 100 x 0.01 1000 x 0.1 10 x 0.001
STS-0200 - 200 x 0.02 200 x 0.02 2000 x 0.2 20 x 0.002

Compatible Indicator


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    A2LA Certificate
    ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited by A2LA (Certificate #1753.01).
    Accurate measurement data, speedy turn-around times, and fair prices.
    Recalibration Recall System tracks and reminds you of service dates.
    Archived calibration records for 7 years.