Mark-10 Test Stand Safety - Splinter Shield

Mark-10 SKU: AC1092-1

Model: AC1092-1
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Provides pinch and sample debris protection for the operator. An electrical interlock prevents test frame operation while the door is open. The test frame’s control panel and remote emergency stop (applicable models, only) mount to the shield’s extruded frame. See Compatibility tab to select an appropriate shield for your test frame.

Included Items
  • The shields are shipped partially assembled, and include shield panels, mounting hardware, and remote emergency stop switch (applicable models, only).
Test Frame Model Shield Model
F105 / F305 / F505* AC1092-2
F105 / F305 / F505 + column extension up to 24”* AC1092-1
F755* AC1092-1
F755S* AC1092-2
F1505* AC1092-1
F1505S* AC1092-2
ESM303 AC1092-4
ESM303 + column extension up to 24” AC1092-3
ESM750 AC1092-1
ESM750S AC1092-2
ESM1500 AC1092-1
ESM1500S AC1092-2

* An emergency stop connector must be installed in the test frame, at the factory or in the field.

Auxiliary limit connector

Shields require an auxiliary limit connector in the rear of a Mark-10 test stand or frame. This connector is temporarily not installed due to supply constraints. However, a limited number of connectors are available for factory installation upon request, at time of order or as a retrofit.

Auxilliary Limits
Dimensions - in[mm]

Safety Shield Dimensions

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