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Grips, Fixtures and Adapters Vice Grips

Vice Grip Jaws
For 01/44(49, 50, 51, 52...

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Vice grip jaws available with rubber, crosscut, wave, plain, v-notch, and diamond coated faces. 

Jaws are sold as a set (4 jaws). 


Highlighted jaws are models available online. All other models are available on request.

Part # Description
01/4238 30mm x 30mm, Plain faces
01/4239 30mm x 30mm, Rubber faces
01/4240 30mm x 30mm, Cross-Cut faces
01/4241 30mm x 30mm, V-Notch faces, tooth pitch 0.8 mm
01/4242 30mm x 30mm, V-Notch faces, tooth pitch 1 mm
01/4243 30mm x 30mm, Wave face
01/4244 30mm x 30mm, Diamond Coated faces
01/4245 30mm x 50mm, Plain jaw faces
01/4246 30mm x 50mm, Rubber jaw faces
01/4247 30mm x 50mm, Cross-Cut jaw faces
01/4248 30mm x 50mm, Wave jaw faces
01/4249 30mm x 50mm, Diamond Coated jaw faces
01/4250 30mm x 80mm, Plain jaw faces
01/4251 30mm x 80mm, Rubber jaw faces
01/4252 30mm x 80mm, Cross-Cut jaw faces
01/4253 30mm x 80mm, Wave jaw faces
01/4254 30mm x 80mm, Diamond Coated jaw faces
01/4255 30mm x 100mm, Plain jaw faces
01/4256 30mm x 100mm, Rubber jaw faces
01/4257 30mm x 100mm, Cross-Cut jaw faces
01/4258 30mm x 100mm, Wave jaw faces
01/4259 30mm x 100mm, Diamond Coated jaw faces

Compatible to the Following Grips

  • 01/4449
  • 01/4450
  • 01/4451
  • 01/4452
  • 01/4453
  • 01/4454
  • 01/4455
  • 01/4456


Vice Grips
Used for tensile testing
Grips with jaw options including rubber, crosscut, v-groove and more.