6 Patient Benefits of Physical Therapy Progress Reporting

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” – Peter Drucker

Physical therapists around the world are rejoicing that they finally have a way to accurately measure hand grip strength, balance and range of motion in real time with KINVENT digital, wireless dynamometers, movement and pressure sensors, and force plates.

But the key for accelerating patient progress is the app that ties them all together and provides the reporting to both patients and referring doctors: KFORCE.


KFORCE has been specially designed to objectively and precisely assess physical therapy progress in a few clicks and to individualize rehabilitation and sports assessment in accordance with each patient’s capacities.

KORCE Therapy Muscle Controller Use & Reporting

Physical Therapy Reporting Benefits

Accurate, real-time reporting of physical therapy progress using the KINVENT KFORCE App offers the following advantages for forward-thinking physical therapists and sports medicine practitioners.

  1. Prolong Patient Engagement

When you share real-time biofeedback data with your patients, they’ll be more invested in their progress, for lasting results. In a recent study, physiotherapists using KINVENT reported a 50% Increase in patient engagement.

  1. Increase Insurance Reimbursement

With precise data through the KINVENT platform, you’ll be able to show proof of measurement to insurance companies, giving you higher reimbursement fees. BTE Technologies recently highlighted that when physiotherapeutic activity is function-oriented and can be measured accurately to document progress, it may allow clinics to earn up to $10,400 more per clinician.

  1. Increase Doctor Referrals

By showing doctors real, measurable data on the progress of their patients, you’ll get a professional partner for the long term, and more referrals in the future. The American Physical Therapy Association (APA) has stated that data-driven outcome measurements are a key component of demonstrating value to consumers and payers.

  1. Reduce Patient No-Shows

Patients who can see the results of their continued work and dedication, are inspired to show up, time and time again. Physiotherapists reported no-show rates of up to 31% on average, in a peer-reviewed study published in PLOS ONE.

  1. Create Customized Protocols

KINVENT software allows you to build personalized training programs with your patients, which can be shared throughout multiple offices.

  1. See More Patients Faster

With precise data on your side, you’ll be able to work more efficiently with your patients, allowing you to work with more of them, in less time.

KFORCE Plates Use & Reporting

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