KINVENT Biometric Instruments Featured on Trend Hunter

The KINVENT line of digital, wireless measuring devices and the integrated KFORCE App were recently featured on as a trending physiotherapy device system. Trend Hunter, which is targeted to business leaders and entrepreneurs, uses data, research and AI to aggregate market trends across industries including technology, business and design.

KFORCE and KINVENT’s seven rehabilitative devices – K-Deltas, K-Force Plates, K-Pull, K-Bubble, K-Push, K-Move and K-Grip – received a score of 8.5 out of 10 on the site based on the brand’s “popularity, activity and freshness” among readers.

By featuring KINVENT, Trend Hunter acknowledged what we at JLW Instruments know: the brand’s ecosystem of trailblazing products has the potential to revolutionize the field of physical therapy.

JLW Instruments officially became an authorized distributor and the exclusive calibration partner of KINVENT’s line of dynamometers, movement and pressure sensors and force plates in 2022. The devices, which are more durable, accurate and user friendly than their non-technologically equipped counterparts, measure grip strength, balance and range of motion in real time then send the biometric data to the app.

Frictionless Reporting, Visible Results

KINVENT makes it easy for sports medicine physicians, physical therapists and chiropractors to measure, track and report patient progress. Data from all seven devices can be sent to and stored on the KFORCE app and accessed by doctors and patients at any time.

The reporting capability is, in a word, a gamechanger.

Unlike analog instruments, KINVENT’s breakthrough technology allows physicians and physiotherapists to more accurately tailor treatment based on recorded biometric data. With KINVENT, some of the guesswork and subjectivity involved in patient care is eliminated. Treatment plans are grounded in clean, easy to understand data and visualizations.

Best yet, patients can see the progress they are making on the app, resulting in greater satisfaction. The increased transparency encourages them to remain engaged and motivated to show up to appointments.

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We believe KINVENT’s breakthrough technology will transform the way physical therapy is done. The integrated products and app allow providers to move towards precision medicine and value-based care more easily than ever before. Patient outcomes are improved.

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