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Force Gauges

Hydraulic Force Gauges / Load Cells

  • The hydraulic force gauges can be used for occasional force checks, continuous loading, or permanent installation depending on the model.
  • Verifying presses
  • Heavy Industrial Paper Textile Mills (Paper/ Textile Tension)
  • Monitor Drill/ Milling machine loads
  • Aviation (Aircraft Load monitoring)
  • The 343 can be used to monitor pulling loads on Tractors / Trailers 
Models: 332
Regular price $99,999.00
Models: 338
Regular price $99,999.00
Models: 343A-1-1kN-F, 343A-1-1.6kN-F, 343A-1-1.6kN-H, 343A-1-2.5kN-F, 343A-1-2.5kN-H, 343A-1-4kN-F, 343A-...
$2,539.00 to $8,410.00
Models: 329A-0-250N-F, 329A-0-250N-H, 329A-0-400N-F, 329A-0-400N-H, 329A-0-630N-F, 329A-0-630N-H, 329A-0-...
  • Designed primarily for occasional force checks rather than continuous loading.
$928.00 to $2,490.00