Climbing Drum Peel Fixture, ASTM-D1781, EN 2243-3 and DIN 53295



A climbing drum test is a typical peel testing method used to determine the de-lamination characteristics of adhesives used to bond different materials together.

This test covers the determination of the peel resistance of adhesive bonds between a relatively flexible adherent and the relatively flexible facing of a sandwich structure and its core.

The fixture consists of a flanged drum, flexible loading straps connected to an adapter, and clamps for holding the test specimen.

| Specifications

Standard: ASTM-D1781, EN 2243-3 and DIN 53295
Drum diameter: 102 mm (4 in.)
Sample width
  • 25 mm (1 in.) for laminated assemblies
  • 76 mm (3 in.) for sandwich constructions
Sample length
  • Min. 254 mm (10 in.) for laminated assemblies
  • Min. 305 mm (12 in.) for sandwich constructions
The following information is needed to quote this fixture. 
  • An additional grip tensile grip is required for the upper pull. Will you need pricing on the top grip?
  • Do you need a full system or just the fixture?
  • If you already have a test stand and are looking to only add the fixture please provide information on the connection requirements of your test stand.


      | Dimensions [mm]

       Climbing Drum Dimensional Drawing ASTM-D1781

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