IMF002, IntelliMESUR Optional Function Calculations Module

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Optional function for IntelliMESUR Test Frames:

Characterize and analyze the behavior of materials, components, and assemblies with a suite of materials testing calculations, including:

  • Stress and strain
  • Tensile strength
  • Shear strength
  • Young’s modulus (auto-calculate or manually draw)
  • Yield point
  • Offset yield (user-specified percentage)
  • Rupture
  • Percent elongation
  • Flexural modulus
  • Force per unit width
  • Wide variety of results based on the above calculations, such as stress at maximum strain, strain at rupture, etc.

IntelliMESUR® formats calculations into a Results table, with corresponding statistics for multiple runs. View a stress-strain curve with annotated calculations. Display up to 10 runs simultaneously for visual comparison.

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