Mark-10 IntelliMESUR

Introducing the new Materials Testing Calculations (MTC) software module for IntelliMESUR

MTC expands IntelliMESUR’s capabilities by adding common, key calculations for a wide variety of material characterizations. From metals to polymers, from wood to biomaterials, IntelliMESUR brings basic materials testing functionality to customers in a wide range of industries at an affordable price point.

Steel Wire Tensile Test

Materials Testing Calculations Include:

  • Stress and strain
  • Tensile strength
  • Shear strength
  • Young’s modulus – let IntelliMESUR calculate it automatically or manually draw a best-fit line on the graph 
  • Yield point
  • Offset yield, with a user-specified percentage
  • Rupture – let IntelliMESUR calculate it automatically or define the parameters of a break
  • Percent elongation
  • Flexural modulus
  • Force per unit width
  • Ability to specify sample geometry and gage length at every run
  • Wide variety of results based on the above calculations, such as stress at maximum strain, strain at rupture, etc.

How about an Extensometer?

We assume you’ll ask, so here’s an upfront answer: Not yet. Mark-10 is exploring this but are entering the world of materials testing incrementally. They are taking their time at each step to hear from you and end users to ensure they meet expectations.

In the meantime, remember that Series F + IntelliMESUR test frames are rigid and thoroughly deflection-compensated at the Mark-10 factory, with exceptional position accuracy of ±0.002 in / 0.05 mm under any load, at any position.

And to compensate for additional deflection within a grip or fixture, IntelliMESUR allows you to run a deflection compensation utility and apply the offset data to a particular test setup.

Economical & Modular

The MTC module integrates seamlessly with the Series F test frames, sensors, and IntelliMESUR control panel or software. No new hardware is needed. The module is offered at a list price of $2,500, model number IMF002, bringing serious affordability to a myriad of applications in virtually every industry.

Availability & Compatibility

The MTC module is available for order now with new or existing systems in the field. No hardware changes are required, just a software and firmware update.

To evaluate the module for 90 days, please download the latest version of IntelliMESUR here. The module can be activated during or after the evaluation period via an activation code.

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