ESM303 Motorized Force Test Stand to Be Discontinued

The Series ESM test stands have been at the core of the Mark-10 product line since their first motorized test stand, Model ESM, was introduced in 2002. It has served a diverse range of customers around the world with high reliability, powerful features, and cost-effective pricing.

Mark-10 has just announced that this product line – comprised of models ESM303 and ESM303H test stands – will be discontinued on October 1, 2023.


The new EasyMESUR and high capacity EasyMESUR series takes over from where ESM303 left off, bringing the force measurement experience to a new level with the following:

  • Integrated touchscreen interface
  • Powerful functionality
  • Ease of setup
  • Modular function platform
  • All of the above at a similar pricing structure to ESM303

EasyMESUR has been off to a great start, with many positive customer reviews.

Please use the following cross-reference table for EasyMESUR replacement test frames:

Series ESM Series F + EasyMESUR
ESM303 (300 lbF / 1.5 kN) F105-EM (100 lbF / 0.5 kN)
" F305-EM (300 lbF / 1.3 kN)
" F505-EM (500 lbF / 2.2 kN)
ESM303H (300 lbF / 1.5 kN) F505H-EM (500 lbF / 2.2 kN)


Click here for a convenient comparison chart.

Sunset Period

Mark-10 is providing a generous sunset period to accommodate customers for whom it may be more challenging to transition immediately. They will continue to produce both product lines concurrently and fulfill orders as usual.

Ultimately, consolidating our force measurement offerings to Series F test frames with EasyMESUR and IntelliMESUR and high capacity IntelliMESUR control panels will significantly streamline the manufacturing process.

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