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Jamar Smart (081669928), Hand Dynamometer

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Measures isometric grip force and strength increases in rehabilitation and physical therapy programs. Adjustable handle that allows user to quantify grip strength for different sized objects. This grip tester can also be controlled using the free Jamar Smart mobile app. The app is designed to expedite and enhance patient evaluations, allowing results to be quickly repeated, edited and saved (iPad Air, iPad Mini or original iPad version 3 or later).

The Jamar Smart is a digital hand dynamometer that can be used for all your grip tests. It has two available apps for your tablet. A free version features tools that allow for easy reading of standard hand grip features. Or use the fully featured app which provides additional tools for more in depth analysis. Record, graph, and save changes in hand grip strength!

Features and Specifications
  • Measures from 0-200 lbs or 90 kgs
  • Accommodates small and large hand sizes, with five grip positions from 1.375" to 3.375"
  • LCD display shows isometric grip force in pound or kg
  • Perform maximum grip and rapid exchange tests
  • Calculate average, standard deviation and coefficient of variation (Cv)
  • Collect up to 5 trials for both hands
  • Wireless connection to free Jamar Smart mobile app.
  • Scratch-resistant UV coating protects all digital components from damage, unit does not have internal moving parts
  • One year warranty
Included Items
    • Carrying case
    • 2 AAA batteries included
    • Complete manuals with use and complete instructions for hand strength and flexibility screening
    • Calibration certificate in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 and is traceable to NIST.

    Jamar Smart

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