PG-60, Mechanical Pinch Gauge

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  • Measures 0-60 lbs. in 2.0 lb. increments and kilogram scale.
  • Red indicator needle remains at maximum reading until reset.
  • Includes fitted foam storage box and Two-year warranty.
  • Calibration certificate included with accuracy = 0.6 lb.
The Black B&L Engineering Mechanical Pinch Gauge known as the "Gold Standard" in pinch strength (Key, Tip, and Palmar) measurement. It is used by physicians and therapists in clinics and rehabilitation centers worldwide.


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KINVENT Essential Pack
Kinvent KINVENT Essential Pack
SKU: Kforce-Essential-Pack-V3

Pack includes:

  • 1 year subscription to Starter License of K-Physio App (KForce App)
  • K-Push (Muscle Controller Dynamometer)
  • K-Force Plates
  • K-Move (Digital Goniometer)
  • Twin Handle
  • Bag
Sale price$3,790.00 USD
KINVENT Rehab Pack
Kinvent KINVENT Rehab Pack
SKU: Rehab-Pack-V3

Includes 1 year subscription to KForce Pro, Muscle Controller, Plates, Grip, Sens, Bubble, Link, Twin Handle, Bag

Sale price$7,490.00 USD
KINVENT Physio Sport Pack
Kinvent KINVENT Physio Sport Pack
SKU: Physio-Sport-Pack

Includes 1 year subscription to KForce Pro Plus, Muscle Controller x2, Plates, Grip, Sens, Bubble, Link, Twin Handle, Nordic accessory x2, Jump Frame, Bag

Sale price$9,690.00 USD
KINVENT Physio App (KFORCE App)KFORCE APP, Software, Kinvent
Kinvent KINVENT Physio App (KFORCE App)
SKU: Physio-Demo, Physio-Starter-Monthly, Physio-Starter-Yearl...
  • Compatible with Kinvent physiotherapy instruments.
Sale priceFrom $0.00 USD
KINVENT K-FORCE PLATES Lightweight Force PlatesKINVENT K-FORCE PLATES Lightweight Force Plates
Kinvent KINVENT K-FORCE PLATES Lightweight Force Plates
  • Static and dynamic balance in a wide range of movements (Stance, Squats, Counter Movement Jump)
Sale price$2,690.00 USD
K-Push, Hand-Held Strength Testing DynamometerK-Push, Hand-Held Strength Testing Dynamometer
Kinvent K-Push, Hand-Held Strength Testing Dynamometer
  • Maximal force, endurance and muscular symmetry measurement
Sale price$990.00 USD
K-Pull, Pull/Traction DynamometerK-Pull, Pull/Traction Dynamometer
Kinvent K-Pull, Pull/Traction Dynamometer
  • Can be used to assess larger muscle groups because it can be secured to a table, wall bars...
Sale price$1,390.00 USD
KINVENT KFORCE Grip Hand DynamometerKINVENT KFORCE Grip Hand Dynamometer
Kinvent KINVENT KFORCE Grip Hand Dynamometer
  • Connects to KFORCE App to monitor the patient’s or athlete’s progress.
Sale price$490.00 USD
Sens Digital Goniometer for Assessing Range of MotionSens Digital Goniometer for Assessing Range of Motion
Kinvent Sens Digital Goniometer for Assessing Range of Motion
  • Measure range of motion of joints
  • Electronic app connected goniometer
Sale price$590.00 USD
KINVENT Bubble DynamometerKINVENT Bubble Dynamometer
Kinvent KINVENT Bubble Dynamometer
Sale price$1,290.00 USD
KINVENT K-Deltas Force PlatesKINVENT K-Deltas Force Plates
Kinvent KINVENT K-Deltas Force Plates
SKU: K-Deltas-V3
  • Connects to KFORCE App to monitor the patient’s or athlete’s progress.
Sale price$5,990.00 USD
Nordic Accessory, Muscle Controller Accessory, KinventNordic Accessory, Muscle Controller Accessory, Kinvent
Kinvent KINVENT Nordic Accessory
SKU: kforce-nordicaccessory
  • Accessory for KForce Muscle Controller.
Sale price$75.00 USD

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