Additional Jaws for VG200, VG500, G1101 Vice Grips


Options: Pyramid 30x30 mm
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Jaws with different surface types and dimensions. The parts on this page are for ordering additional jaws.

Jaws can be replaced using a hex key.

Compatible Vice Grips
    Jaw Model Surface Type Clamping Surface Dimensions Weight (2 jaws)
    JAWS-VG1-P30 Pyramid 30 x 30 mm 0.13 kg
    JAWS-VG1-P50 Pyramid 30 x 50 mm 0.21 kg
    JAWS-VG1-P80 Pyramid 30 x 80 mm 0.35 kg
    JAWS-VG1-P100 Pyramid 30 x 100 mm 0.45 kg
    JAWS-VG1-R30 Rubber 30 x 30 mm 0.13 kg
    JAWS-VG1-R50 Rubber 30 x 50 mm 0.23 kg
    JAWS-VG1-R80 Rubber 30 x 80 mm 0.37 kg
    JAWS-VG1-R100 Rubber 30 x 100 mm 0.47 kg
    JAWS-VG1-W30 Wave 30 x 30 mm 0.12 kg
    JAWS-VG1-W50 Wave 30 x 50 mm 0.20 kg
    JAWS-VG1-W80 Wave 30 x 80 mm 0.32 kg
    JAWS-VG1-W100 Wave 30 x 100 mm 0.45 kg
    JAWS-VG1-V30 V jaws 3 mm + dia sample 0.13 kg


    Jaw Surface Types 
    Type Description Materials
    Pyramid -Pyramids 1.2x45°
    -Hardened steel 58 HRC
    Metal, wood, plastic, gypsum
    Rubber -1 mm rubber coating (NBR)
    Paper, foils, cellulose, aluminum, single fibers, film, wire, monofilaments
    Wave -Wave 5 mm
    -Hardened steel 58HRC
    Textiles, tissues, fabrics
    V-Jaw -Tooth pitch 1 mm
    -Hardened steel 58HRC
    Rod, tubing, wire


    Included Items
    • (2) Jaws

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