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Compression Plates

  • Compression platens can be used for a variety of tests including top load testing, crush tests and cycle testing applications.
  • Round or rectangular available for different sizes of samples to be tested.
  • Fixed or self-aligning platens.
  • Available in steel for testing harder materials or aluminum for softer materials.
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Models: G1009, G1009-1, G1009-2, G1009-3
  • Light weight aluminum compression plates with threaded connections #10-32 or 5/16-18. Available in 2" or 3".
$47.50 to $104.50 Sale
Models: G1087, G1087-1
  • Steel compression plate 
  • Diameter of 2.2 or 3.78 inch
  • 5/8" eye end connection.
$104.50 to $223.25 Sale
Models: CP56-AL, CP96-AL, CP116-AL, CP156-AL, CP196-AL, CP246-AL, CP56-ST, ...
  • Steel or Aluminum
  • Sizes up to 246 mm [9.69 in] diameter
$121.00 to $1,441.00
Models: CP50x50-AL, CP100x100-AL, CP120x120-AL, CP120x180-AL, CP125x250-AL,...
  • Available in many sizes from 50 x 50 mm to 400 x 400 mm
  • Aluminum or steel.
$154.00 to $1,430.00
Models: SAP56-ST, SAP96-ST, SAP116-ST, SAP156-ST, SAP196-ST
  • Self-aligning compression plates designed to adjust to angular displacement of the material being tested. Diameters of 56 mm to 196 mm.
$539.00 to $1,480.00
Models: CP-200x200-L6x20-AL
  • Dimensions: 200x200 mm
  • Platen has concentric grooves to aid in centering of sample
  • 6 mm Ø holes spaced at 20 mm
Regular price $638.00