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Mark-10 Manual Test Stands

Mark-10 offers the industry's most extensive line of manual force measurement and torque measurement test stands. Test stands are useful in eliminating variability inherent in hand testing and can help to automate test processes. A wide range of capacities, loading methods, and configurations are available. 

A test stand is an integral part of a testing system, typically also comprising a force gauge or torque gauge, grips, software, and accessories.

Models: ES05
  • Force capacity: 30 lbF [150 N]
  • Compression force only
  • Compact size, low cost
  • Max Travel: 1.5 in
Regular price $460.75 Sale
Models: ES10, ES20
  • Capacity: 100 lbF [500 N]
  • Max Travel: 9 in [229 mm]
  • Lever and hand wheel options, compact size
$470.25 to $565.25 Sale
Models: ES30
  • Capacity: 200 lbF
  • Max Travel: 13 in
Regular price $850.25 Sale
Models: TSB100

Capacity: 100 lbF

Max Travel: 6 in

Regular price $755.25 Sale
Models: TSA750, TSA750H
  • Force capacity: 750 lbF (3.75 kN)
  • Tension and compression force
  • Max travel: 6 inches
  • Digital travel display available
Regular price $945.25 Sale
Models: TSC1000, TSC1001
  • Force capacity: 1000 lbF [5 kN]
  • Tension and compression force
  • Max Travel: 3.5 in
  • Precision Acme screw and nut
Regular price $1,306.25 Sale
Models: TSF, TSFH
  • Capacity: 1000 lbFMax Travel: 4 in
Regular price $1,995.00 Sale
Models: TST, TSTH
  • Capacity: 100 lbF-in [11.3 Nm]
Regular price $2,470.00 Sale