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DFE3 Series Force Gauges
Chatillon DFE3 Series Force Gauges
Models: DFE3-002, DFE3-010, DFE3-025, DFE3-050, DFE3-10...
  • 0.2% of FS accuracy
Sale price$1,495.80 Regular price$1,662.00
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DFS3 Series Force GaugesDFS3 Series Force Gauges
Chatillon DFS3 Series Force Gauges
Models: DFS3-250G, DFS3-002, DFS3-010, DFS3-025, DFS3-0...
  • 0.1% of FS accuracy
Sale price$2,125.80 Regular price$2,362.00
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F755, F1505 Advanced Test FramesF755, F1505 Advanced Test Frames
Mark-10 F755, F1505 Advanced Test Frames
Models: F755, F755S, F1505, F1505S
  • Available capacities of 750 lbF, 1500 lbF.
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F305 Tensile test with G1061 wedge grips.F305 shown with peel test fixture
Mark-10 F105, F305, F505, F505H Advanced Motorized Test Stand
Models: F105-IM, F305-IM, F505-IM, F105-IMT, F305-IMT, ...
  • Available capacities of 100 lbF, 300 lbF, 500 lbF.
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Nexygen Plus 4.1Nexygen Plus 4.1
Lloyd Instruments Nexygen Plus 4.1
Models: 40-NEX41, 40-NEX42, 40-NEX43

Software for Lloyd Instruments test stands.

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Roller Peel Fixture, ASTM D3167Roller Peel Fixture, ASTM D3167
JLWForce Roller Peel Fixture, ASTM D3167
Models: JLW105-D254-B254
  • Peel strength of adhesive bonds to ASTM D3167
  • Test one rigid adherend and one flexible adherend
Sale price$952.00

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